About Naki

Small list of research and engineering of NLP for American Native/Indigenous Languages.

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About Naki

This page (tries) to assemble all done works on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for native and indigenous languages of the American continent. Our languages are in danger, especially if they don’t get involved in the new digital boom, that is introduced even into the most remote communities. Nevertheless, scientific and engineering work has been done on the field, ant this work wants to generate an (as much as possible) complete list.

Our main aim is to encourage native speakers, researchers, and engineers to participate in this effort. Hopefully, we can do it with these survey.

Machine Translation

Online demos and software

Scientific papers and thesis

Automatic Lexical extraction

Scientific papers

Corpus and digital resources

Online Corpus Resources

Scientific papers

Morphologcal analysis and segmentation


Scientific Papers

Speach Recognition

POS Tagging



Spell checking

Language ID

Code-Switching and Multilingual NLP



This effort can be completed only with the cooperation of all visitors. If you know about some work in this field, please let me know and push to this repositoy or send an email to mmager [at] thuring.iimas.unam.mx